INTRODUCTION: The Zero Beaters Amateur Radio Club (ZBARC) is an organization of people who share a common interest in Amateur Radio communications and technology. ZBARC is a general interest club, its members are engaged in a wide variety of Amateur Radio related activities. This page will attempt to summarize the activities, services, and other benefits of club membership. Please direct any comments regarding additions, deletions, or corrections to this document to WAØFYA. Thanks!

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The Zero Beaters ARC has members throughout East Central Missouri


An Amateur Radio license is NOT a requirement for ZBARC membership. Anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio may become a member. Of course, we hope that you will get your license so that you can take full advantage of the club's facilities. See the Constitution and By-Laws for more information.


The ZeroBeaters Amateur Radio Club (ZBARC) was formed in the early 1960s. At first, meetings were held in member's homes. Sometime around 1962, ZBARC was given the use of the Old Bank Building in Dutzow, MO. Dutzow is located in Warren County on Highway 94 just east of Highway 47 and is only about 5 miles north of Washington MO.  The building has been sold.

Mr. Walter Voelkerding, President of the Bank of Dutzow at that time, made a generous donation to the club. In addition to providing us with the meeting location, he contributed funds for the purchase of equipment for a club station there. The club applied for a club station license and was assigned the callsign WAØFYA. Les Maune, KØPHD, one of the club's founding members, is trustee of the club station license.



The "new home" of the Zero Beaters Club is the Indian Prairie school house between Union and St Clair. It houses one of the club repeaters and is the site of many special functions such as field day, barbeques, etc. The location of our monthly meetings, is the Washington Public Library meeting rooms.


ZBARC holds a regular monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of each month except August and December (see Activities). These meetings begin at 7:30pm and generally end around 8:30 or 9:00. Club activities, projects, maintenance, and expenditures are typical topics for discussion at these monthly meetings. There is usually time before and after the meeting for socializing.

In addition to the regular meetings, there is an informal gathering at the club building almost every Wednesday night. Members and visitors alike are welcome.


The Zero Beaters ARC has an ARRL VEC volunteer exam group which conducts exam sessions each month with the exception of June and July. To find the times, dates and locations of exams go to:   http://www.arrl.org/find-an-amateur-radio-license-exam-session  and look under "Missouri".  In the results, look for "Washington, MO".  Please confirm with the contact person listed.                                                          



The ZBARC sponsors two repeaters. The first is on 2 meters on the frequency of 147.240 MHz (input +600 KHz). Operating with the club callsign of WA0FYA, it is an open repeater system . When in normal operating mode, "The Two-Four Machine" does not require the use of a subaudible tone (CTCSS a.k.a. PL). However, under special circumstances, tone access may be enabled. The tone needed at those times will be 141.3 Hz. Tone access will remain in effect only as long as absolutely necessary.

The second is on the 440 band on the frequency of 444.350 MHz (input +5 MHz). The 440 repeater also uses the club callsign of WAØFYA and does not require a CTCSS (sub-audible) tone of 141.3 Hz to access it. This UHF system is not ordinarily linked to the 2 meter system but the two repeaters are co-located and use the same controller. The site of the "Washington repeaters" is just south of Washington. The 2 meter antenna is high atop a water tower and has excellent coverage throughout the area. The 440 antenna is mounted atop a phone pole and also provides good coverage.

In addition to the club operated repeaters, there are 7 other repeaters operated by ZBARC members.


The club also sponsors a number of packet radio digital repeaters which are a part of the amateur packet radio network here in East Central Missouri.





Field Day is held the last full weekend in June every year and the ZBARC has operated WAØFYA from a variety of locations in Franklin and Warren counties.


The Washington Hamfest is a major event for ham operators throughout Missouri and southern Illinois. It is held the 3rd Sunday of the month.


The ZBARC holds a barbecue at the school house on the 3rd Sunday in August each year. This a very popular events for members and their families. This is also the annual election of club officers. NOTE: There is no regular club meeting on the first Wednesday in August - an informal meeting is held at the BBQ instead.


To wrap up the year, ZBARC members get together for a club Christmas party on the 1st Sunday in December. NOTE: There is no regular club meeting on the first Wednesday in December - an informal meeting is held at the Christmas party instead.


The Zero Beaters ARES Net is held on the first, second and fourth Monday night at 8 p.m. local time on 147.240 WAØFYA/R repeater.


President: Jim Abbit K0GAE
Hamfest Chairman & V.P.: Bruce Serbus KD0KCF
Treasurer: Bruce Hanratty N0XNH
Assistant Treasurer: Don Willenbrink K0GDD
Secretary: Don Hazelwood KD0NWG
Activities Chairman: Tony Bode KE0DWQ
Assistant Activities Chairman: Ed Bode AD0OI
Webmaster:Mike Bumb K0YRG

Board of Directors:

1st year of 3 year term: Mark Arnold KC0BRC
2nd year of 3 year term: Don Willenbrink K0GDD
3nd year of 3 year term:  Bob Dohrer W0AVG


Dues for membership is currently set at $24 per year. Dues should be made payable to the Zero Beaters ARC  and may be paid in person at any regular business meeting, sent to the club's P.O. Box (see below), or sent directly to the club treasurer. (Also see Membership requirements and the Constitution and By-Laws for more information. Membership Application


 The Zero Beaters ARC mailing address is:

P.O. Box 1043, Washington, MO. 63090